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Yuyao huacheng hydraulic power co., LTD. Is a professional company that has grown up in the reform and opening up of China. To 23 years old today, the annual output of up to more than 1000 each year, 20% of which export to overseas, the thermosetting materials forming a complete set of design and manufacturing processes, including rubber machine, rubber vulcanizing machine, rubber injection machine, rubber machine, rubber machinery, rubber injection equipment, vacuum vulcanizing machine, BMC injection machine, liquid silicone injection machine, rubber hydraulic molding machine, rubber injection molding machine, oil seal vacuum vulcanizing machine, etc, huacheng machine in the industry has a considerable reputation and service quality of honorary degrees.

Our company always listens to our customers to improve our opinions, and we try our best to solve the requirements of our customers.

Our company continuously introducing advanced design and manufacturing team and concept, has formed by the company from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong company's technical engineers more than 10 people, and is equipped with advanced processing means, from product quality, suitability, stability, automation, security, environmental protection, etc, the comprehensive promotion, at present our customers a lot are all foreign enterprises and domestic famous enterprises, our customer base and feeling more and more high-end, in the aspects of after-sales service: we follow the principle of service first.

The key arrangement of our company's work is: one, maintain good old customer; 2. Be good at producing and producing products; Three production, we know from the trust of many customers have huacheng company today, just exist today huacheng brand, we always put the clients' requirements and service in the important position, 23 years, my company more than ten years ago we like to customer service in place.

My company into thermosetting materials forming industry more than twenty years, for many famous enterprises on the industry is the company's customer, such as high electrical appliances, gree electric appliances, haier electrical appliances, wolong electric, brilliance BMW, Japanese jiangsu jiang electric appliance and so on many rich day, especially for the gree electric appliances production automation project, by demanding strict nearly 10 rounds of examination, inspection, review of communication, and eventually won the bid is successful, get unanimous favorable comment of gree electric appliances automation leading group, gree automation project of our company is a big improvement.

As labor costs increase and fine product quality standardization, the requirement of equipment is high efficiency, safety, automation, stability, environmental protection, the total trend of high yield, also comfort of the operation put forward higher request, this is our team the overall plan of design and manufacture of equipment.
In the next few years, my company will, as always, for new and old customers to provide quality services, and further accomplish more complete turn-key project, to ensure that customers with more small effort to complete large value. And actively participate in all kinds of rubber products and thermosetting material forming industry of advanced equipment, technology research and development of perfect business, listen to the opinions of the customer, and absorb the introduction of foreign technology and equipment, combined with our quality level, the huacheng into rubber industry and thermosetting material molding equipment manufacture of high-end brands. We sincerely invite all the leading experts to our company for investigation and guidance, and give our company a bigger promotion.


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